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Jumpstart Your Career on the Business Side of Entertainment

Montreal is at the forefront of the world’s creative economy and talent, a hub for world-renowned shows, festivals, television and film production, and birthplace of such famous companies as Cirque du Soleil and Moment Factory. But none of this would be possible without skilled executive producers to lead creative projects from beginning to end.

To turn creative ideas into reality, professionals working in creative industries need skills that go beyond mere creative production. Executive producers are responsible for planning, managing and leading creative projects from A to Z. Whether in film, television, live shows, events and festivals or video games, an executive producer’s skills are critical to turn creative ideas into reality. Thanks to this brand-new, one-of-a-kind program, the McGill School of Continuing Studies can set you on the right path to the executive producer’s chair.

Careers in Executive Production: Market Spotlight

  • 4.7 Million Jobs in North America in the creative and cultural industries in 2015
  • 1,703 Job postings for executive production professionals in the US in September 2018 alone
  • US $620 Billion: annual revenue in North America for the creative and cultural industries in 2015
  • 5,000 Expected openings in the Canadian job market by 2020

Professional Development Certificate in Executive Production in Creative Industries

26 CEUs6 Required CoursesSchedule: Part-Time, Evenings and Weekends

Equip yourself with the business skills needed to plan, manage and lead creative endeavours and set yourself on track for the executive producer’s chair in film, television, live shows, events or video game production with this brand-new program.

The Professional Development Certificate in Executive Production in Creative Industries is a non-credit program designed to equip professionals with practical knowledge, skills and competencies required of an executive producer to oversee, plan, organize, direct and control all the aspects and development phases of the end-to-end life cycle of capital-intensive large-scale creative content projects and commercial entertainment products.

Topics Covered

  • Executive Production Fundamentals
  • Intellectual Property and Contracts Management
  • Project Management in Practice
  • Project Portfolio Management in Creative Industries
  • Marketing and Brand Management in Creative Industries
Choose from 4 Specializations

Live Show Creation and Production

Using real-life cases and guest speakers, participants will be able to tap into the wealth of more than 30 years of practical experience of some of the most prominent entertainment industry professionals who will share their invaluable insights.

Participants will be initiated into all phases of executive production including business plan creation, concept development, pitching to key shareholders, production, contracting of the infrastructure and finally, operating a sustainable show.

Film Creation and Production

Provides a comprehensive overview of the film value chain, as well as the tools and techniques required to develop the concept of a movie or TV series and turn it into a tangible product ready to be viewed by an audience.

Focus on all phases that need to be completed and the key deliverables at each phase. Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders are also reviewed in line with best Hollywood practices.

Event Concept
Development and Production

Using real-world cases, this course provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of event development and production including creative concept development, programming, project planning, and execution of the entire production be it a short event or a full-fledged festival.

Focus on strategic alignment and delivery of business value, event financing and the art of “pitching” of tangible and intangible event value, managing multiple stakeholders, requirements, resources, timelines, budgets and teams to deliver an engaging audience experience.

VFX and Video Game Production

This course provides a comprehensive overview of video game industry and focuses on the business aspects of creation and production of digital interactive entertainment products including all the phases of video game production, from creative concept to delivery of a video game in line with all technology standards, to marketing and distribution.

This Program Prepares You To:

  • Implement all the vital elements of a creative content business model
  • Develop a creative concept presentation and successfully “pitch” to investors
  • Develop and manage key contracts with investors, designers, vendors and service providers
  • Understand the fundamentals of copyright and intellectual property asset management
  • Negotiate intellectual property models in contracts with partners, clients & designers
  • Plan the production with solid schedules, budget and risk management plan
  • Manage resources efficiently and deal with different stakeholders
  • Design a flawless project communication plan
  • Build an exceptional production team

Who Should Attend

  • Creative and entertainment industry professionals looking to advance their careers: technical directors, technical staff, creative content developers, artistic and creative professionals
  • Professionals from other fields who want to make a career change into the entertainment industry
  • Recent university graduates wishing to break into creative industries and executive production
  • Government employees responsible for culture and entertainment programs

Why Enroll?

  • Learn the business side of creative production
  • Enter or advance your career in a flourishing industry
  • Equip your yourself with business skills in high demand in creative industries
  • Gain specialized business skills in the creative field of your choice
  • Add internationally-recognized credentials from McGill University to your CV